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Empowering Executives through Professional Transitions and Corporate Transformations within the Financial Services Sector

Welcome to ATVantage

ATVantage is an Executive Coaching and Consulting practice based in Switzerland and offering services in English and German.

We specialise in acting as trusted advisors and sparring partners to senior Financial Services Executives facing a transition into a new role as well as in shaping and/or delivering corporate transformations.

ATVantage focuses on:

Senior Financial Services Professionals who want to start a new role equipped to succeed.

Financial Services Corporations which are looking for advice and leadership support on executing large-scale transformation programs successfully.

Areas of Expertise

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About ATVantage

I am Andreas Timpert, Founder and Managing Partner of ATVantage. I’m a seasoned Transformation Expert and former Deloitte Partner who built his reputation by developing the transformation capabilities of Deloitte’s Consulting Banking practice in Switzerland. Within ATVantage, I lead a network of experienced consultants and Executive Coaches to provide best-in-class support for your needs.

My expertise in Transformational Excellence and Change Leadership draws on 25+ years of consulting experience during which I have served more than 20 large financial services institutions such as Credit Suisse, UBS, Allianz, HSBC, JP MorganChase and spear-headed multiple large-scale transformational programs with a strong track-record in enabling clients to increase their performance and deliver on their objectives across a wide variety of transformation programs ranging from operating model transformations to digitalisation strategies, growth programs to cost reduction, as well as regulatory-driven change initiatives.

Within Deloitte, I spent 8 years as Leader of Operations Excellence and in 2015 I was appointed as Talent Partner for the Consulting Business in recognition of my skills and leadership in talent development. In this role, I had the responsibility for the development and performance management of 650 Consultants and led change initiatives that shifted the way Deloitte managed the performance of its people, namely through the introduction of a coaching-model.

More recently, I completed an Executive Coaching Certification at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) formalising my expertise in a field where I already acquired much recognition through prior consulting projects and for which I developed a strong passion.

“My passion is to help professionals find and unleash their true potential.”

Andreas Timpert

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Andreas Timpert

Core Strengths

Our work is mainly centered around two elements: a Senior Executive transitioning into a new role, or Financial Services Corporation requiring a seasoned leader to advise on and/or lead a corporate transformation program.

ATVantage draws on an extensive and diversified consulting experience steering Executives and Corporations through transitions and transformations and uses a 360° perspective integrating all aspects key to the success of the transition/transformation:

Operational Excellence

Through 25+ years of experience consulting/advising on transformation programs in the Financial Services sector, I bring a wealth of experience enabling me to act as sparring partner and sounding board. I support the Executive in clearly defining the critical path to success and in shaping and delivering the core elements of their new role or any corporate transformation they are heading

Skills Development & Enhancement

As a certified Executive Coach bringing 20 years of experience coaching a variety of clients on consulting projects, I bring in-depth knowledge of the critical skills required for success. A key focus of my work consists of empowering Executives through coaching and the development or enhancement of the leadership skills needed to successfully transition into their new role and/or deliver on the transformation program they are heading

Leadership & Facilitation

Bringing 23 years of people leadership – on projects, as team head and as talent partner as well as supporting clients through various transformation programs – I know all too well the importance of leadership, communications, and facilitation in addressing the “people” or stakeholder element. Driving successful transformations or transitions requires specific emphasis on this element and I, therefore, support the Executive in ensuring that this critical success factor is taken into account and that they get the necessary endorsement and support

Do you want to find out more about what transition or transformation coaching can do for you?


I worked with Andreas as my transformation consultant while leading a European Asset Management business. His ability to distill the key challenges we were facing and help us to define the journey going forward was crucial to the implementation success. A few years later, Andreas coached me in defining my priorities as I transitioned into my first CEO position. I then asked him to run a team coaching day for my newly formed Executive team, which galvanized us as we defined a joint vision. I trust his judgment as an advisor as well as his abilities as a coach and would certainly ask him for support again.

CEO Private Bank, Zürich

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